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Hello Beautiful

Meet Our Team


The PMU's - Permanent Makeup Artists - at Studio Elle are committed to giving you the confidence you deserve through the power of beauty. 

Our highly skilled and trained team is committed to working with you to help enhance your natural beauty with PMU.

Who is Microblading for…

Do you spend time every morning filling in your brows with pencil? Only to have them rub off during the day.

Are you suffering from over tweezed/waxed brows that has now left permanent damage?

Sick and tired of the everyday maintenance- want to go swimming without worrying about your brows smudging off and disappearing.

Or simply go to the gym and not worrying about sweating your brows off in the process.

If you said yes to any of these, Microblading is your solution.


We specialize in creating the most hyper realistic results to help mimic hair strokes and create the illusion of a natural fuller defined brow.

Microblading is customized to each person’s bone structure and nature hair color by design.

Wake up everyday feeling more confident and less stressed with your hassle-free brows.

Take our free brow quiz below.

You can have gorgeous effortless brows too.

We live in a fast world. With never ending to do lists and endless tasks, worrying about the little things isn't worth it. Imagine waking up every day with beautiful brows. Why spend time on something that should be hassle free?

here's what our lovely clients had to say about their experiences...

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make your daily routine hassle free.

Microblading is  a safe, easy and effective way to have beautiful brows with minimum upkeep. One treatment can last up to two years!  Brow colour, shape and strokes are unique to each person to ensure your brows are yours.

What is Microblading?

Microblading- Known as a semi-permanent tattoo is your solution.

Pigment is implanted into the skin in the appearance of "eyebrow hair". Adding the appearance of density and shape correction.
Microblading can create either a natural or a dramatic look, each pair of brows is specifically catered to each guests facial features and preferences.

Microblading has the ability to correct any bald spots, scarring, or uneven brows

Find out if microblading is the solution for your brows.

Take our brow quiz below- find out which technique is suited best for your unique situation.

Do I Need a Brow Assessment?

Before booking your microblading appointment, Studio Elle owner Elena Necip would love to chat to explain the microblading process, to answer any questions and provide some more details about the health and safety measures in place at Studio Elle. Book a consultation below and get ready for dream brows. 

What are you waiting for?

Book your consultation now, and STOP struggling with your brows.

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Have What It Takes To Become a PMU Artist?

Are you sick of the 9-5?

Want to be your own boss?

Curious on how you can build a client base and start earning serious financial freedom?

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